Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours

Price: $ 1.5


China time : 1PM-8PM ,Will Do FAST 30-90 Minutes.


Other time will take few hours,Max. 12 Hours 100%  Done ! WEEKEND OFF


This service retrieves the BLUETOOTH & WIFI MAC ADDRESS for Apple devices manufactured in FOXCONN factory.


Why would I need it?
Because of new activation policy from Apple which needs original BT/WIFI MAC Address to be programmed after changing the Nand.



Unsupported Serials/Not Supported (beginning with):
F4 F6 F7 FV FD FF C4 C6 C7 C8



Sample Result :


 F19Q5W5QG5MC    WiFi  54:4e:90:d9:2a:bd  BT  54:4e:90:d9:2a:be


F17RJB69G5MD   WiFi  00:56:cd:57:e8:a4  BT  00:56:cd:57:e5:38


DNPQ3HBLG5MD   WiFi  70:ec:e4:81:f9:7c  BT  70:ec:e4:81:f9:7d


DNPPT1YRG5MF   WiFi  d0:25:98:e6:c6:26  BT  d0:25:98:e6:c6:27


FFMRP0DHG5MH   WiFi  00:56:cd:77:c3:e9  BT  00:56:cd:77:c3:cb